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orange starAlloy Wheel Repairs

Our welders can repair your cars cracked, chipped or dented, Alloy Wheels.

Trickett Autoworks starSo, you have hit your beautiful and expensive Alloy wheel on the kerb a bit too hard this time, and now the damage is beyond the usual cosmetic scratch e.g. it now has a bent or cracked rim, and the tyre deflates.

Do you need to buy a new wheel?

Well maybe but probably not!

Bring it to us for a look, and one of our specialist welders will assess the damage for you. Our welding staff have been repairing damaged Alloy wheels for many years and have successfully welded the cracks, and/or reshaped the dinks, in literally hundreds of them.

Unfortunately, even with our skills and experience we cannot repair every Alloy wheel but of those that we try, our success rate is around 90%.

The average cost of a repair is just £40.00 + VAT, so a quick trip to our workshop may save you a small fortune.


You will need to bring the Alloy wheel to us with the tyre removed.

Should your still tyre deflate after the repair, we will attempt a second repair free of charge. However, if this second attempt fails, then the wheel damage is not repairable and unfortunately, we cannot refund you initial fee.

The "average price" is for the repair work only, so if require cosmetic refurbishment too e.g. respraying, then we can quote you for this work.

When making your decision, please don't forget to factor in any additional costs that you may incur, when having the tyre removed and replaced.

Alloy Wheel Repair to cracked rim

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