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we can safely remove broken locking wheel nuts

Trickett Autoworks starlost or broken wheel nut removalUnfortunately, it is quite common for people to lose their Wheel Nut Key, or for a Wheel Nut to get broken. So, what to do if this happens to you?

If you have simply lost the key: -

FIRSTLY… have another very good look for the key. Whilst we know that you will have looked already, we always have a very good look ourselves before commencing the removal process… and it is not uncommon for us to find the key!

So, please check: -

Is it in your glove box or any other interior compartment?

Is it under a seat?

Is it in your boot, or in a boot storage compartment?

Is it in an ash tray?

Is it stored with your spare tyre?

If the Wheel Nut is broken: -

The wheel nut/s will need to be removed by an experienced professional who knows exactly what they are doing.

If you cannot find the key, or the wheel nut is broken: -

If you value your wheels (especially expensive alloy wheels) and do not wish to resort to dodgy and unreliable brute force techniques (search YOUTUBE videos for plenty of examples of the “brute force” techniques), then we can remove them safely for you.

Over the years our highly experienced welding staff have removed many hundreds of Locking Wheel Nuts, and they have a 100% success rate. In fact, for those who are unfortunate enough to only find out they have a problem when they have a puncture and cannot get home, we are the GO-TO destination for the local AA, RAC, Green Flag, and many other Emergency Breakdown Services.

Our welders strengthen the broken wheel nut head, and then weld a metal extension bar (with a substantial nut attached). Then we can then safely unscrew the broken wheel nut.

Occasionally, a wheel nut has been so over-tightened (usually by a garage mechanic who has been rather over-enthusiastic with an pneumatic socket wrench), that our staff still have to resort to some brute force to remove the wheel. However, because this force is applied to the welded extension bar, neither your wheel, or your car’s bodywork, are at risk of any damage.

Notes: -

There is always a slight risk of heat and/or weld splatter, doing some minor cosmetic damage to your wheel but this is extremely rare. In reality, for this problem to occur the job would have been so difficult, that the only other alternative would have been to cut your whole wheel off. And, that would have caused much more than minor cosmetic damage (a new wheel would have been required)!

There are plenty of businesses advertising online that state that they can remove locking wheel nuts but very few will guarantee their work. So, be careful as we have tried their “simpler and cheaper methods” and because they frequently fail and can damage your wheel, we won’t use them.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

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