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we have been removing rust and treating metal on cars almost every working day for over 45 years.

Trickett Autoworks starWith our long history of Welding, Fabrication, and Classic Car Restoration, rust just doesn't stand a chance in our workshops... as unlike many of our competitors, we don't just cover up rust with some thick gooey stuff and hope for the best, we get to work!

rust corrosion bady pabelWe grind rust off; we wire brush rust off; we blast rust off; we sand rust off; and if necessary, we cut rust out and replace it with new metal... only then do we start applying chemical treatments, sealants, underseals, primers, paints, etc (and we only use high quality products).

Obviously, doing the job properly is much more labour intensive than a quick bodge, and therefore the cost may be significantly higher. However, to not do the essential preparation work, well that's like a broken pencil... "pointless"!

In fact, whilst some people have remarked that our quotes are expensive compared to others, our answer to that is "no we are not expensive at all", it's just that we have quoted a price for doing the work that you want done, and NOT for simply hiding the work that you want done.

And, if they really want a "like for like" cheap solution, we can offer you one that is equally "ineffective," and is totally free i.e. simply take a good look at the rust on your vehicle and then "close your eyes"... hey presto, you cannot see the rust anymore! In fact, this free solution is probably better, because trapping rust, moisture, road-salts etc, underneath a protective coating will not stop corrosion, but it will hide the deterioration of structurally important components... and that's unsafe!

WARNING: One of the main reasons why many rust prevention coatings are so good when used properly, is that they instantly bond to surfaces and will not come off without the use of chemical solvents and a lot of hard work. Consequently, if these products have been applied without adequate preparation and the corrosion returns underneath the coating, it may be considerably more expensive to remedy the issue.

What can you do to minimise the cost?Save money and save the environment

First a "Top Tip" - If you have purchased a brand new vehicle and intend to keep it for a long time, then it could be very cost effective to have us treat it immediately. There will be no rust to remove, so the job will be considerably cheaper... up to 70% cheaper.

This "Top Tip," may also apply to a younger used vehicle, or an imported older car, so have a good look around your vehicle and look for any signs of corrosion. If there is no rust, or very little rust, then come and get quote quick, and save yourself a large wad of cash.

Note: Some mass produced modern vehicles have all the metal bodywork chemically cleaned and treated prior to being painted, and they may also have had the underbody and chassis undersealed. These new production-line processes are a major advance and these vehicles usually don't rust for many years (unless the protective coatings are damaged). Unfortunately, many other vehicles and especially larger Commercial Vans, 4x4's, Campervans, Motorhomes etc, still don't get the same level of rust protection, and are still very prone to corrosion.

A thin layer of surface rust is much easier and quicker to remove than deeply penetrated and encrusted rust. So, if you can get your vehicle to us before the rust has penetrated deep into the metal, this will save many hours, or even many days, of labour costs. It will also be very unlikely that any welding and fabrication work will be required.

4x4 Landrover Defender chassis repair and rust treatmentTheoretically, you could save money by undertaking the rust removal work and/or, applying the treatments and coatings yourself. But, and it's a big "BUT"... even with our spacious workshop facilities, extractor fans, professional grade protective clothing and tools, this work is physically very demanding and incredibly dusty and messy. Some jobs will also require heavy components to be temporarily repositioned or removed, and this may include the fuel tank. So, unless you have no choice whatsoever, or have a masochistic tendency, we would suggest that you let us do the job for you.

Pricing: We always do our very best to give competitive and accurate estimates for any work that we do. However, when we do a visual inspection of a vehicle with more than a thin layer of surface rust, the penetration and severity of the corrosion can only be guessed (an educated guess, but still a guess!). So please be aware that it is only after we start the work, that any hidden problems are exposed and therefore our estimate may need to be revised. If we do find a problem, we will not continue further until assessing the likely cost, and gaining your authority to proceed.

In summary: -

With the excellent rust treatment and prevention products that are currently available, corrosion can be a thing of the past. Combine this with the fact that just about every component of a modern vehicle has a better build quality; is far more reliable; and will last much longer than its predecessors; then any notion that discarding a vehicle after a few years is necessary, is now totally unjustified.

So, is removing rust, or protecting you vehicle from rust, really worth the effort and expense?

If you want your vehicle to last for many more years; or you want it to retain a high value; then yes it makes very good economic sense.

If you want the car to last for many years as your personal contribution to protecting the environment, then yes it makes perfect sense. Even if your car is Petrol or Deisel, it is still much better for the environment than buying a brand new "electric car," (why better than an Electric Car?... click here).

Note: Also, if you are thinking about changing your vehicle because it is looking a bit tatty, or could do with some modernisation, then check out our 'updates and rejuvenation page'... click here.

Let's stop scrapping cars, it's bad for the environment

rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment
Above: Our staff will strip off paint to ensure all of the rust is exposed (Some vehicle components may need to be removed). If necessary, sections of badly corroded metal will be cut out and replaced with new metal.

Below: Once the chassis, underbody or bodywork is corrosion free, any bare metal is treated with high quality rust prohibiting chemicals. Only then is it time for waxoyl/underseal products or primers.

rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment rust removal and treatment
Below: A very nice looking bottom!

rust removal and treatment
Most of the remedial work featured in these photographs are pretty sizable jobs but if you get your vehicle to us before corrosion has the time to penetrate deep into the metal, everything including the bill, will be far less dramatic.

rust removal and treatment

Rustments remaoval and treatments

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