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chassis welding and repairs on family cars, Classic cars, Vintage cars, cherished cars, sports cars, Camper Vans, Motorhomes, Pickup Trucks, Commercial Vans, etc.

Trickett Autoworks starThe condition of the chassis and other critical structural components e.g. sub-frames, wishbones, mounting points etc, are absolutely critical to the effective roadworthiness and safety of a vehicle.

Corrosion, Impact Damage, or Stress Fatigue are the most common culprits for undermining the structural integrity of components but regardless of how these critical components are weakened, in most cases some “professional quality” fabrication and welding, will reinstate the structural integrity.motor vehicle chassis and structural repairs

WARNING: In the “bad old days”, substandard and unsafe repairs to get a car through an MOT were commonplace throughout the UK. Essentially, any piece of metal (regardless of how unsuitable it was for the task), was tacked into place, and this was hidden from MOT inspectors under a thick layer of underseal.

This underhand practise was always very unsafe but in this modern era where the roads are far more congested, a sudden catastrophic failure of a structurally critical part, is very unlikely to end well e.g. even if you don’t veer into oncoming traffic and can stop, someone from behind is going to hit your vehicle.

danger warningOur advice to everyone is this: “however much you need your vehicle, or however tempting it is to save some money, don’t let anyone bodge repair any structural components on your car. Have your family car or commercial van repaired properly, by a “motor vehicle” fabrication and welding specialist”.

Although less common now, here at Trickett Autoworks we still see too many vehicles that have been bodge repaired. Fortunately, the MOT inspectors are not fooled so easily these days and having failed the MOT, the vehicle owners then come to us to get the work redone to a safe standard. However, it is frightening to know that this type of irresponsible and dangerous practise has not as yet been totally consigned to history.commercial van chassis welding

It is worth mentioning that if you have recently purchased a vehicle and you now suspect that it is unsafe, we can inspect it for you. Unlike and MOT inspector (who is subject to strict rules), we can remove the underseal and/or dismantle a component, to ensure that a thorough inspection is possible. Obviously, we will have to charge for this service but if we find unsafe bodged repairs, you may be able to return the vehicle and get the full purchase price refunded, as it unlawful for anybody to sell an unroadworthy vehicle in the UK.

NOTE: Section 75 of the Road Traffic Act makes it an offence for anyone to sell a vehicle that is not roadworthy. This means that any vehicle you buy must be fit and safe to drive. This "Law" applies to both private and commercial sellers alike, and unless the vehicle has been specifically described as unroadworthy when sold, there is no "legal" way of a seller avoiding this Law.

So, if you need any structural welding done, or you are unsure about the structural integrity of your vehicle, then please give Nigel Trickett a call.

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Chassis and structural repairs

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