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most car and van exhausts can be repaires and this saves money and reduces waste.

If your exhaust is noisy, rattling, or broken... do you need a new one?

Probably not, as around 90% of the time an exhaust can be repaired. However, as very few Exhaust Centres or Main Dealers have the capability to repair them, you will only be offered a replacement... and this may be a considerable, and very unnecessary, expense!

At Trickett Autoworks we have been repairing exhausts for over 45 years, so we know why exhausts fail, and we most definitely have the capability to repair them. Repairing rather than replacing is good for your pocket, and good for the environment too!

So why do they fail; how can they be repaired; and how much will it cost?

Most people assume that if an exhaust fails, it is because of corrosion (rust), and that if the failed part has corroded, then either the whole of that section, or the whole exhaust system, must be corroded too.

However, this is very rarely true and although corrosion is often the cause of any failure (but not always), this corrosion is more likely to be very localised. In fact, a very common cause of an exhaust problem, is a single failed weld joint (this is due to some chemistry that we won't get into now).

That being the case, it is not only an economical and environmentally beneficial solution to simply repair the localised corrosion issue, there are other benefits too e.g. certain parts of an exhaust system are bolted directly onto your car engine. Undoubtedly, these bolts will be corroded and if the bolts break, the cost of extracting and replacing these bolts can be a massive additional cost. So, if these parts can be repaired 'in situ', there is absolutely no risk of causing additional problems and expense.

Other causes of a failure can be "stress fractures" (common if a retaining bracket or rubber mount has broken); or impact damage from a 'sleeping policeman,' or some debris that you accidently have run over... the list is endless but I hope that you get the gist and now understand two things 1) your exhaust can probably be repaired rather than replaced and 2), it is very unlikely that a business which relies on selling new parts for its income, is going to be very enthusiastic about telling 90% of its potential customers that a replacement part is unnecessary!

When we repair an exhaust, we rarely have to remove it from the car; we may only need to re-weld a single failed joint; or we simply cut out and replace a small corroded section. Therefore, the average cost of a repair (including VAT), is somewhere around £80.00.

Our favourite "genuine example" of how to make a customer happy this year, is a man who had been told by a main dealership that he needed a new exhaust system, and then quoted him £2,600.00. Utterly shocked by the price, he then got a lower quote from an independent Exhaust Centre for £1,800.00.

Fortunately for him, he found our website and decided to give us a try... our total charge to fully repair the exhaust - £60.00! (as you can imagine, he was one very, very, very, happy bunny!

Obviously, we cannot save every customer this much money, but saving our customers hundreds of pounds is very common. In fact, the only thing that is NOT common, is for us not being able to repair an exhaust.

Exhaust repairs - lass waste and at a lower cost.

Catalytic Converters

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Bespoke Exhaust Systems

Trickett Autoworks can fabricate a complete exhaust systems for you in 'mild' or 'stainless steel,' using precision tube-bending equipment. So if the system for your car is no longer available or affordable, call our us today!

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Car and Van Exhaust Repairs

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